The debut collection | #liveincolour

The collection comprises of seven tees uniquely designed with Cassey Gan’s signature graphics put together in geometric panels in mixed fabrics. Bold and bright, each tee comes with striking prints and hues juxtaposed with dark 100% cotton fabrics in navy blue or black. The prints are fully designed in-house and printed on polyester fabric which was produced with sublimation technique.

#liveincolour is a social media initiative to complement the collection as we believe that each tee will aesthetically add “colour” to a person’s wardrobe. It also represents a belief that the wearer has an outlook on life that surpasses beyond the norm – always seeking adventures and always having fun in life, no matter where it takes them.


Andre Tee

Trey Tee

Russell Tee

Wes Tee

JayJay Tee

Kev Tee

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